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Your Battle with Obesity

At Lehigh Valley Bariatrics, we understand that losing weight may be a difficult process for some people. We also understand that sometimes weight issues can spiral out of control. The more you gain, the harder it is to stay on a regular exercise and diet routine to lose. Traditional weight loss programs may work for some people, but in many instances all they lead to is further disappointment with little to no results.

Understanding Obesity
Many people struggle with losing excess weight and keeping it off. For some people, it seems like the more weight they need to lose, the more difficult the process then becomes. Another obstacle for some is choosing the right diet you can stick with and that will give you the results you want all without regaining the weight back.
Is obesity weighing you down?

If you feel it is time to change your life, to start anew, and to learn how to live again, then it's time to talk with our qualified, experienced and compassionate weight loss surgeons, Dr. Vitaly Sawyna and Dr. David Russo.

At Lehigh Valley Bariatrics, we are with you all the way from your first meeting with us continuing through to support group!